trend alert: avocado butter

avocado toast is so in right now. and for good reason. carbs + avocado = heaven.

but we think we’ve perfected it. here’s our how-to for super simple avocado butter.


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smoothie talk

ever since we got the vitamix, we have been making so many smoothies. they really are the perfect breakfast. and they’re a pretty easy way to cut back on unnecessary carbs and calories. our pre-smoothie breakfasts (and, okay, our weekend breakfasts, too) are so sugary or carb loaded there was no way we’d drop a pound. chocolate filled croissants, cinnamon pancakes, last night’s dinner leftovers served on top of potato hash. it’s hard to cut out food that’s so delicious – but, we’re trying. and every little bit helps.


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hollandaise for days

dating a chef has changed my life — and i’m not always happy about it. a while back, he handed me a book, “kitchen confidential” by anthony bourdain. “read this,” he said. “you’ll love it.” it is a great book, but there are some pretty upsetting parts. especially the truth about hollandaise. it has to be kept at a pretty precise temperature or it’ll go bad and chances are, your restaurant of choice isn’t putting in the effort. bourdain won’t order hollandaise at a restaurant, and that guy eats blood sausage and bugs and who knows what else.

so it was decided. if i want hollandaise, it has to be made at home. we use it to garnish re-purposed breakfast. this morning: last night’s brisket with avocado and a poached egg. enjoy.


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