oahu’s cutest coffee shop

oahu’s cutest coffee shop

steven and i like to think we are savants when it comes to traveling. we love finding great food, awesome coffee shops and fun shopping. we found all of that at arvo in honolulu.

we crushed their loaded avo toasts, and their salmon toasts.

the matcha chia seed pudding + fresh fruit was amazing.

and then there was the activated charcoal lattes.

we went three times.

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baked matcha donuts

now that i’ve finished *cough* four *cough* of these, i can take a break before eating a few more to write down the recipe!i’ll be honest: i never ask my husband to make two when he has his nightly cup of matcha,  but i really love baking with it because it gives everything such a fun, natural pop of color. if you’re trying to get on the matcha bandwagon, these donuts are a great way to ease into the new, unique flavor. if you’ve loved matcha for years — well, these should make your breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or second dinner) even better!


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weekend breakfast in bed

weekend breakfast in bed

the chef’s favorite breakfast is pancakes. every morning we have off together, the first thing he says when he wakes up is, “let’s have pancakes.” fine by me, especially if he does the flipping. i mix, he flips. when i flip it’s a total catastrophe and we eat semi-burned pancakes.

here are a few fun recipes for the best breakfast in bed ever, in three easy steps:
1. get out of bed
2. make breakfast
3. get back in bed and eat.

blueberry + lemon pancakes, cayenne candied bacon and roasted spiced plums. maybe too decadent for every day, but perfect for the weekend : )


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blood orange upside-down cake

the very best thing happened this week! i found blood oranges at the grocery store! okay, for most people that might be categorized under r/midlyinteresting, but i’m from west virginia. blood oranges never quite make it into that state.

anyway: we found these little pretties at trader joe’s here in baltimore. while the chef was preoccupied with making blood orange old fashions with our neighbor peter, i whipped up this upside-down cake. it’s super dense; kind of the blood orange version of banana bread. it was great for after dinner, but even better for breakfast. it was also gone in two days. whoops.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 6.44.39 PM.png

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happy valentine’s day!

here’s a cute way to impress your sweetheart this valentine’s day! we posted a quick how-to, along with pictures, for these apple rose tarts over on the baltimore chef shop‘s blog. make them with your kids or with your valentine for a super fun afternoon activity! and send me a picture after you’re finished! ; )

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