artifact uprising layflat photo book

artifact uprising layflat photo book

just before christmas i worked on a post for well rounded x artifact uprising, giving away one of au’s layflat photo books. artifact gifted me a book in return, and it was perfect timing because steven and i had just decided not to buy gifts for each other this year — and we had never had our wedding photos printed.

i know a lot of people who are interested in these layflat books so i wanted to share some details about the finished product. it’s a big investment, with books starting at $239, so i wanted to show some real life, not studio images along with my thoughts.

the book comes in this sturdy box, to keep it safe. that’s a nice touch.

there are quite a few cover and foil color choices, but we wanted to keep it simple with black and gold. the canvas hard cover and foil stamping on the front is very impressive, though on the smaller stamping on the spine you can see isn’t perfect. i might be nitpicking here, but there are two tiny imperfections. i’m sure foil stamping is hard the smaller it gets.

my biggest qualm with every au product i’ve ordered is the saturation. images they print are always way darker than the originals i uploaded. back in 2015, when i ordered my first of seven au products, i emailed in to tell them i was disappointed that the saturation was so far off. they responded that the eggshell paper i printed on soaked up more ink. i did mention maybe that should be a disclaimer on the site. that still isn’t mentioned on their website and still is an issue, even with this lustre paper. look at stevens skin — it’s orangey red. he is definitely not that color in real life. and if you’ve ever gone disc shooting you know those clay rounds are hunter orange, not red.

overall, i keep going back and will continue to go back to au because their products are the most professional looking you can get as a consumer. but i do wish the printing was more true to color.

would my husband have noticed this if i didn’t point it out though? maybe not.

here’s a look at the layflat component. it’s pretty great, the folds in the middle are about as small as they can be.

and the pages are super thick, which really adds to the quality and professional feel of this book.

overall i am a huge fan of this book. so thankful au gifted it to us, and love having our wedding pictures somewhere tangible.

i added pages to this book, which brought its total to somewhere around $300, which is pretty expensive and out of our price range. BUT here is my big tip for au: they often have sales of 20% off. so go ahead and make your book and keep it in your “projects”. it will stay there forever, every project i’ve ever made is still in mine. then, when you get that discount email, pull the trigger!

tl;dr love the book so much, but saturation is a little too high.

purple produce takeover + potato tart recipe

purple produce takeover + potato tart recipe

millennial pink might be the color of the year when it comes to styling your home, but purple is definitely the hue for your tablescape. purple produce is everywhere. whole foods even named it one of the top food trends of 2017. i wrote a little about the trend in this weekend’s herald-dispatch — and it gave me an excuse to whip up these super cute, personal-sized savory purple potato + mushroom tarts.

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thanksgiving recipe roundup

thanksgiving recipe roundup

this year, the chef and i are staying in dc for thanksgiving and we’ve invited some of his neurology co-residents for dinner. the big meal is one week from today, and we haven’t even discussed the menu. i’m hoping to create a super colorful meal using Japanese ube instead of standard sweet potatoes, heirloom carrots instead of the plain old orange ones, and swiss chard for a splash of color in our stuffing. but i’m sure steven has his own ideas. he’s much more of a traditionalist on this day than i am.

here are some recipes i’m considering:

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modern baby food and the “flavor window”

modern baby food and the “flavor window”

man, there are some really inventive baby food companies out there. startups that are marketing things like caviar, bone broth and quinoa to six-month-olds. i was introduced to one of the more innovative baby food services through well rounded, a digital magazine i contribute to. on their menu were things like salmon roe and falafel. cool, i thought — but do babies really need this?

a quick google search showed me a dozen other baby food start ups with similar menus. i wondered: is this just fancy, flavor-forward labeling that’s really designed to tempt the hip parent into buying, or do babies really benefit from these complex flavor blends.

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yes way, rosé

yes way, rosé

if you didn’t drink at least a case of rosé this summer, do you even exist?

though any somm will tell you rosé is good year round, it is the quintessential summer drink. i wrote a little about the pink drink a while back for the herald-dispatch newspaper and thought i’d share it here. i also met a really awesome vintner and wine distributor working on this story, who i really enjoyed speaking with. what a wealth of information!

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simple tomato canning

we started in may, planted a garden in tiny soil pods by starting with seeds. we cared for them, we watered them, the chef built garden boxes and we planted the seedlings into the ground. then we waited. and nothing happened.

all summer long, nothing. the peppers, eggplants, beets, and tomato plants we started grew and grew and grew, but nothing edible appeared — until fall. late fall. like, it’s almost thanksgiving and we’re still getting four pounds of tomatoes a week. they really are great tomatoes, but we can’t use them fast enough, so: canning.


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