national bonsai + penjing museum

our new favorite little piece of d.c. may be the national bonsai + penjing museum inside the national arboretum. it’s a hidden gem in the city — an outdoor museum, surrounded by grass and trees. it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s in the middle of our nation’s capital, which is probably why we love it so much.

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spam musubi: next big food trend?

poke is totally taking over the fast casual scene, and for good reason. it’s cheap for restaurants to put out and they don’t need a full kitchen to produce — just refrigeration. but there is so much more to hawaiian food than poke bowls. musubi, for example!

i wrote all about the growing hawaiian food trend in today’s herald-dispatch. check it out! and follow the jump for a how-to on this hawaiian staple. spoiler alert: you gotta buy some spam!

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hiking makapu’u lighthouse trail

one thing steven and i wanted to do in hawaii was go for a hike with a great view. major bummer, though, because steven’s knee developed a nasty infection right before the trip. he was on crutches by day two. poor guy.

no one else in the fam was interested in tagging along, so i went solo. the makapu’u trail seemed like a great solo location. google said it would take 15-20 minutes to make it to the top. spoiler alert: that’s wrong. or maybe i’m just painfully slow.

the views were worth it, though.

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oahu’s cutest coffee shop

steven and i like to think we are savants when it comes to traveling. we love finding great food, awesome coffee shops and fun shopping. we found all of that at arvo in honolulu.

we crushed their loaded avo toasts, and their salmon toasts.

the matcha chia seed pudding + fresh fruit was amazing.

and then there was the activated charcoal lattes.

we went three times.

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mu ryang sa buddhist temple

steven is always the best at picking out places to eat and things to do on vacation. it’s like his spiritual gift. here’s a perfect example: this korean buddhist temple outside of honolulu.

he said he picked it because he thought i would like taking photos here and he was totally right. it was super colorful, and totally secluded from the rest of the hawaii’s capitol city. walking around the mu ryang sa grounds felt like we were in another country, in another time.

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bwi > gjt (or, mila’s first flight)

at two-and-a-half-months-old, our girl got her wings! i try to be a laid-back mama, but i have to admit i was pretty terrified about taking mila on her first flight to see her grandparents in grand junction, colorado. there were so many things that could have gone wrong. we could have been late (we almost were!), she could have cried the whole time (just a few minutes!), or even worse — a blow out at 35,000 feet (thank goodness that didn’t happen!).

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