colorado for christmas

by far, this was the best christmas. mila’s first! she loved the tree and the ornaments; she even loved ripping open the paper on her presents.

we spent christmas at stevens parents house in colorado. his brother and sister and our brother in law and nephew were all there. it was a full house and mila loved having a playmate at every turn.

my heart popped watching mila and poh crawl around in front of the tree. it was so precious. their first christmas. such a special time in their teeny tiny lives — and for their parents : )

plus: having two babies crawling all over the house was the best. a cute little infestation of cuddly chubby babies. miiiight have given me baby fever. just look at them. how could it not?!


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he's a culinary institute of america grad in medical school. she's a journalist, who prior to their meeting, used the oven solely for storage.

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