when dad gets home early…

sweet naps happen in the best light 🙂 

man, i love these guys. 

the shortest two weeks

i’m not sure how it happened but somehow our little mila is two weeks old. two weeks and three days, as i type this. these have been the shortest two weeks of my life. it feels like it’s only been a few moments since she was born, since we brought her home, since we’ve been a family of three. she already looks so different; chubby cheeks and thighs, little dimples on her hands. we are so lucky and thankful to be her parents — and not just because she’s been eating every four hours since she was a week old. she’s so sweet and cuddly and smells so good (most of the time). after she eats she just kind of melts onto you and falls asleep. she’s mostly patient with annoying photoshoots and does such a good job latching and eating. she rarely cries, but when she does otis redding can make her stop. we can’t wait to see what kind of little person she will grow up to be.


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she’s here!

mila yayoi nakano
february 13, 2017 – 7:46 a.m.
7 pounds 12 ounces
21.5 inches
the best thing we’ve ever seen


keep reading for more baby pictures : )

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its our due date!

the big day is here! we’ve been anxiously, nervously, excitedly looking forward to february 10 since the day we found out we were having a baby. now it’s here, and… well… nothing! this little lady doesn’t seem to want to hang out with us just yet. we’ve been begging her to join us for days. i’ve been taking lots of long walks (from the living room to the kitchen) and drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea (which obviously doesn’t work but still tastes pretty good), but she seems pretty happy right where she is.

steven and i, on the other hand, would love to have her out here with us! can’t wait to meet her, to name her, to introduce her to the dog ; ) c’mon, baby!


diy: pom pom fringe pillow

my family has a tradition. every new year’s day, you’re supposed to make a pillow case for someone you love. it’s a little good-luck charm that lets them know you love and are thinking about them! growing up, i accumulated a million pillowcases. okay, i guess really only one a year, but that’s still a lot of pillow cases. i’ve loved making one for steven every january 1st, but this year i have a new little sweetie to sew for! this pineapple pom pom pillow case makes the sweetest addition to the nursery that’s waiting for her.


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38 weeks

growing, growing, growing!

it’s hard to believe i’m already 38 weeks pregnant. it seems like these last couple of weeks are lasting longer than the first 30 combined! can’t sleep, can’t walk, can’t get comfortable…. always running to the bathroom! ; ) we are so excited to welcome this little lady into our lives. due date is february 10, but the chef and i would be more than happy to snuggle with her a little earlier than that if she’s up for it. today, my ob told me i’m still going to be pregnant next week. no dilating, not really feeling contractions. the problem is, i’ve run out of shirts (both mine and steven’s) that cover this belly.