help help help!

help help help!

okay, seriously, after you push a nearly eight pound baby out of your body, you need help. like, lots of it. help changing diapers, help making dinner, help taking a shower! for the first two weeks after mila was born, i was a human milk machine and little else. i needed help with everything.

asking for help from my husband, in-laws and friends helped me recover from a traumatic delivery a little easier. on well rounded this week, i shared some tips about how to ask for help — and who might be the best to ask for it from.

bwi > gjt (or, mila’s first flight)

bwi > gjt (or, mila’s first flight)

at two-and-a-half-months-old, our girl got her wings! i try to be a laid-back mama, but i have to admit i was pretty terrified about taking mila on her first flight to see her grandparents in grand junction, colorado. there were so many things that could have gone wrong. we could have been late (we almost were!), she could have cried the whole time (just a few minutes!), or even worse — a blow out at 35,000 feet (thank goodness that didn’t happen!).

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roasted heirloom carrot salad

steven and i have been binge watching every season of top chef lately. pretty much all we do is feed mila, change mila, play with mila — and watch top chef. oh, and steven squeezes twelve hour work days in there somehow. so, on season thirteen, amar makes this beautiful heirloom carrot salad. we watched that episode like, three weeks ago and i was still thinking about it, so when i saw these beautiful carrots i knew i had to try and recreate! this salad — so perfect! great as a side dish, or as a stand alone for lunch!


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spring tofu chili

two problems: first, it went from a near heatwave here in d.c. to 50 degrees, overnight. we were eating cool, summer foods then suddenly needed something to warm us up! second, i bought tofu from costco. that means i bought about five pounds of tofu. as the expiration date drew near i had to find a way to use it all up (apologies to my carnivorous husband, who might be having red meat withdrawals).

this tofu chili was an easy fix for both issues. rich, warm, and perfect for these cool spring nights.


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dairy-free lemony apple cake

sounds gross, right? well, i’ll tell ya, it definitely tastes “healthy”… but it’s a dessert without dairy, and those are the only kinds of desserts i can eat these days. mila has a milk protein allergy, and the dairy i was eating was making her belly hurt so bad. it took a little while for us to realize that was what was making her so upset, but once i cut dairy out of my diet she started feeling much better, so — i’m dairy free, for now.

cut to this cake. it’s not the best cake i’ve ever eaten, that’s for sure… it needs butter, butter, butter. but it smells amazing and tastes pretty good and satiates my desire for dessert, at least tonight.


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