when dad works long hours

when your dad is in medical residency, the hours at work are long and the time at home feels so short.

steven is a neurology resident, nearing the end of his pgy3. one more year to go and then two years of fellowship and then, i think, is a light at the end of the tunnel. but right now, the 12-hour shifts that turn into 15-hour shifts, the overnights and the pager that has become part of his body and is always beep-beep-beeeeping feels like it will never end.

it means i solo mom a lot.

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artifact uprising layflat photo book

just before christmas i worked on a post for well rounded x artifact uprising, giving away one of au’s layflat photo books. artifact gifted me a book in return, and it was perfect timing because steven and i had just decided not to buy gifts for each other this year — and we had never had our wedding photos printed.

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the importance of a good mama friend

people say all the time it takes a village to raise a kid. i think, instead, it takes a village to raise a mama. we need other moms to bounce ideas off of, complain to about our babies sleeping habits and celebrate little milestones with. it definitely helps if their baby is the same age as yours.

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the carousel on the mall

friday it was 67 degrees. on january 12! how is that even possible?!

we took mila downtown to walk around the mall and stopped for a ride on the carousel. she’s totally a little thrill seeker — she was having so much fun even though the carousel went just a little too fast and the horses went probably a tiny bit too high. steven, on the other hand, almost lost his lunch.

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mila, you’re eleven months old!

hi sweet girl!

man, you’re precious. if you could sleep later than 7 am that’d be great, but otherwise, you’re a true gem of a baby. you’ve been sleeping through the night for a couple months now and that is sooo amazing. so i’ll take what i can get ;).

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