mila, you’re eleven months old!

hi sweet girl!

man, you’re precious. if you could sleep later than 7 am that’d be great, but otherwise, you’re a true gem of a baby. you’ve been sleeping through the night for a couple months now and that is sooo amazing. so i’ll take what i can get ;).

waking up and bringing you from your crib to bed with me to snuggle in the morning is the best thing in the world. you are so warm when you wake up. those warm, squishy legs are the best thing i’ve ever felt. i love them so much.

you walk so well! you’re basically running. it’s crazy to watch because you are so so tiny still. how something as little as you can walk on two tiny feet is incredible.

you have two teeth! the bottom front. you got them for christmas (sorry, what a bummer of a gift). but they look so cute and you absolutely love to brush them. you walk around carrying a toothbrush and open your mouth for me to put mine in when i brush.

you really love food. man, you love food. you little tubster. you eat anything we give you! it’s awesome.

we can’t wait to see what changes about you in the next month. and i guess we need to get working on plans for your FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY! i can’t believe it. that you’ve been here for a whole year is unreal. i can’t remember life without you, even though it seems like we just met.




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he's a culinary institute of america grad in medical school. she's a journalist, who prior to their meeting, used the oven solely for storage.

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