gentry miyoko nakano

gentry miyoko nakano joined our family tuesday, september 18, 2018.

we went to the hopsital for a scheduled induction, but it turned out i was already in labor, contracting every three minutes and dilating quickly. i had no idea. the medical staff started pitocin, gave me an epidural and told me to push. she was born at 4:39 p.m., after pushing through four contractions.

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i documented my delivery

push, breathe, check iso.

after a few hours of labor, a good epidural and a little bit of pitocin, i grabbed my camera (okay, my husband handed it to me), and started snapping. i mean pushing. well, actually, both.

i wanted so badly to document the delivery of my first baby girl, but the labor was too hard, the pushing lasted way too long and my camera didn’t leave my hospital bag the entire stay. this time though, thanks to an incredible medical staff and the ease of a second labor, my camera got some exercise — and i was able to capture some of these incredible moments, bringing our tiny girl earthside.

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