i documented my delivery

push, breathe, check iso.

after a few hours of labor, a good epidural and a little bit of pitocin, i grabbed my camera (okay, my husband handed it to me), and started snapping. i mean pushing. well, actually, both.

i wanted so badly to document the delivery of my first baby girl, but the labor was too hard, the pushing lasted way too long and my camera didn’t leave my hospital bag the entire stay. this time though, thanks to an incredible medical staff and the ease of a second labor, my camera got some exercise — and i was able to capture some of these incredible moments, bringing our tiny girl earthside.

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lauren + trav, june 15 2018

on the ten year anniversary of their first date, lauren and trav walked down the aisle to a small group of their very favorite people playing here comes the bride on kazoos. what in the entire world could be better than that?!

so fun taking photos of these two and this wild wedding. giant horse statue, kazoos, a freaking gorgeous 1960s super model as a bride. it was perfect.

here are some of my favorite moments.

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when dad works long hours

when your dad is in medical residency, the hours at work are long and the time at home feels so short.

steven is a neurology resident, nearing the end of his pgy3. one more year to go and then two years of fellowship and then, i think, is a light at the end of the tunnel. but right now, the 12-hour shifts that turn into 15-hour shifts, the overnights and the pager that has become part of his body and is always beep-beep-beeeeping feels like it will never end.

it means i solo mom a lot.

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