i documented my delivery

push, breathe, check iso.

after a few hours of labor, a good epidural and a little bit of pitocin, i grabbed my camera (okay, my husband handed it to me), and started snapping. i mean pushing. well, actually, both.

i wanted so badly to document the delivery of my first baby girl, but the labor was too hard, the pushing lasted way too long and my camera didn’t leave my hospital bag the entire stay. this time though, thanks to an incredible medical staff and the ease of a second labor, my camera got some exercise — and i was able to capture some of these incredible moments, bringing our tiny girl earthside.

to tell our birth story, my husband – who’s turning into quite the photographer himself – took most of the photos. the nurses laughed as he brought the camera over for me to adjust iso and tell him where to shoot from.

i’m sitting straight up in bed in what they call “high throne” position. i was dilated 10 cm, but baby’s head wasn’t low enough yet… the idea is that sitting straight up with my legs down lets her slide into position better.

when they asked if i was ready to push, i asked steven for my camera.

on the right is my labor and delivery nurse. she was so sweet and kind, bringing me cups of broth all morning then holding my leg back as i pushed.

next to her is the attending physician, then the cheif resident, finally the OB intern.


i took this picture in between pushes while the OB intern, dr. hoang, held my baby’s head. next to her is a medical student observing.

they told me to get ready to hold my baby, so i passed the camera to steven, took one more push — and our baby girl was on my chest within seconds.

it was incredible.

i didn’t even know steven took these photos of gentry and i together until later. maybe he should give up being a neurologist and become a birth photographer?

pushing lasted all of four contractions; i couldn’t believe how fast it went — or that i couldn’t feel a thing. i was so happy and in total disbelief labor was over. i cried so many tears of joy.


and thirty minutes later, my first baby girl met her little sister. i am so, so happy steven took these photos. i will cherish them forever. i hope these girls love growing up together and become best friends.

and i hope 30 years from now, the three of us have a text group that is always buzzing. 😉

gentry miyoko nakano
sept 18, 2018
7 lbs 4 oz | 20.5 in


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he's a culinary institute of america grad in medical school. she's a journalist, who prior to their meeting, used the oven solely for storage.

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