baby cousins and their bunnies

how many jelly cats are enough for two baby cousins? let us know when you find out because three bunnies + a lamb and these two littles still didn’t have enough!

cami, hong and poh came to visit from california a few weeks ago and o m g i cannot wait until we are all close enough for mila and poh to play together every day! okay, so they didn’t play so much as swipe each other’s bunnies a million times and spend a whole lot of time staring at bubbles and eating snacks. but we all loved watching them!

man, they’re cute. so cute. especially when you leave them in just diapers and put them in a crib together. really makes my heart squishy. i wish we had enough babies to fill up that whole crib! (is that crazy talk? i kind of mean it.)

for mother’s day i took a bunch of photos of these two little sweeties for steven’s mom. her two grandchildren… until september when she has THREE!

now i’m thinking i am going to print three of these photos and hang over our mantle. i love saving memories of their time together. cousins are so special. i hope they grow up to be best friends. maybe even roommates in college. i can move in, too. it’ll be awesome!

poh is 13-months-old and mila is 15, but he is a good inch or two taller than her. she’s definitely more round than he is, though, so she’s got him there ; )



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