mu ryang sa buddhist temple

steven is always the best at picking out places to eat and things to do on vacation. it’s like his spiritual gift. here’s a perfect example: this korean buddhist temple outside of honolulu.

he said he picked it because he thought i would like taking photos here and he was totally right. it was super colorful, and totally secluded from the rest of the hawaii’s capitol city. walking around the mu ryang sa grounds felt like we were in another country, in another time.


mu ryang sa is located up a windy, mountain road in the palolo community of honolulu. the views are beautiful — mountainous on one side, the ocean on the other. i nursed mila on the porch of the main building, overlooking the pacific and thought — this is probably the most beautiful view i’ve ever had: the water and my sweet girl.

there is a great vegetable garden on the grounds and dozens of large kimchi fermentation crocks on the roof of an auxiliary building. steven and i wanted to try it so bad, but none of the women in the building spoke english. oops.


mila loved the monk in this photo. he tickled her feet and she giggled so much!


these two cuties were hanging out while their mama was in the service. they wanted to have their picture taken! 🙂


these statues are tribute to the temple’s previous monks.


the temple hosts meditation retreats, korean tea ceremonies, painting and yoga classes that are open to the public. they also allow guests to attend services and come watch korean dance performances in the temple. they have a schedule on their website.



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