oahu’s cutest coffee shop

oahu’s cutest coffee shop

steven and i like to think we are savants when it comes to traveling. we love finding great food, awesome coffee shops and fun shopping. we found all of that at arvo in honolulu.

we crushed their loaded avo toasts, and their salmon toasts.

the matcha chia seed pudding + fresh fruit was amazing.

and then there was the activated charcoal lattes.

we went three times.

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mu ryang sa buddhist temple

mu ryang sa buddhist temple

steven is always the best at picking out places to eat and things to do on vacation. it’s like his spiritual gift. here’s a perfect example: this korean buddhist temple outside of honolulu.

he said he picked it because he thought i would like taking photos here and he was totally right. it was super colorful, and totally secluded from the rest of the hawaii’s capitol city. walking around the mu ryang sa grounds felt like we were in another country, in another time.

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bwi > gjt (or, mila’s first flight)

bwi > gjt (or, mila’s first flight)

at two-and-a-half-months-old, our girl got her wings! i try to be a laid-back mama, but i have to admit i was pretty terrified about taking mila on her first flight to see her grandparents in grand junction, colorado. there were so many things that could have gone wrong. we could have been late (we almost were!), she could have cried the whole time (just a few minutes!), or even worse — a blow out at 35,000 feet (thank goodness that didn’t happen!).

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babymoon: west coast road trip

the chef and i are on our flight home from what will likely be our last vacation as a family of two. we’re 25 weeks along in this pregnancy and though i might move a little slower than normal, we packed a lot into this trip! we flew into san francisco and spent the last nine days roadtripping up the west coast to seattle, stopping to visit family + friends — and drink all the decaf lattes we could find.

one very pregnant lady, a super patient husband and a convertible mustang; san francisco, berkley, mendocino, the redwood forest, eureka, portland, and seattle; too much food, miles of walking and hours of this american life… all while carrying around about 20 extra pounds!


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pregnant and sweaty in new orleans

clearly the best time to visit new orleans is the dead of summer. all the humidity you could ask for! even better when you’re in the thick of your first trimester and can’t for the life of you — or your loving husband, who is probably so sick of holding your hair back — stop throwing up.

okay, so i’m being a little whiny. it wasn’t all bad! the amazing airbnb we rented was gorgeous, extra roomy and came with a big fat pool to keep big fat me nice and cool. plus, there was shave ice. so much shave ice!


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honeymoon part 4: the dreamcatcher guest house

when the chef told me he found the perfect place for us stay on our honeymoon, i imagined he meant a bottles of champagne, ocean front, infinity pool kind of place. i’ve never been so happy to be so wrong. undoubtedly the best part about our honeymoon in puerto rico was where we stayed. whether you do nothing else in pr, a trip here is worth it just to stay at the dreamcatcher guest house.


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honeymoon part 3: amazing views, even better coffee

one of the things the chef had to do when we were in puerto rico, was visit a coffee plantation. he searched high and low for a place that would let us come explore — and he found hacienda san pedro in jayuya. jayuya was about a three hour drive from where we were staying, up the most windy, mountainous roads of our lives. the chef and i are from colorado and west virginia, respectively, so that’s saying something. but the views from the top, they were worth a little car sickness ; )


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