honeymoon part 4: the dreamcatcher guest house

when the chef told me he found the perfect place for us stay on our honeymoon, i imagined he meant a bottles of champagne, ocean front, infinity pool kind of place. i’ve never been so happy to be so wrong. undoubtedly the best part about our honeymoon in puerto rico was where we stayed. whether you do nothing else in pr, a trip here is worth it just to stay at the dreamcatcher guest house.


the dreamcatcher is billed as the world’s premiere vegetarian resort. i need to be up front here and say quite clearly, we are not vegetarians. not at all. and we love not being vegetarian. but we also loved this place. it was a really hippy dream come true. yoga under the stars, shower outside kind of place. each guest room is different, which really lets you pick what’s right for you. some come with two beds, some with hammocks, some with attached bathrooms, some with shared. we picked a room with one bed and an outdoor bathroom. when we arrived, the dreamcatcher had lit incense and left champagne for us. perfect.

our room
our room, opposite view
our outdoor bathroom. shower was across.

it really felt like being at home. or at least in a home, as opposed to being at a hotel. being at a hotel is nice sometimes (and in the spirit of full disclosure, we did a night at a ritzy hotel with an infinity pool before coming here, but only because the dreamcatcher was completely booked). but sometimes, you want to have an experience. and when we walked in the front gates, we knew that’s what we were getting.

walking in the front gate
entrance courtyard
cute little corner

every little corner of this place was filled with little touches that made it seem so special, and homelike. steven said it felt like we were living in an anthropologie catalog. and we were both pretty fine with that, because like, who wouldn’t want to live in the beautiful worlds they create?!

one of the best things about this place though, were the outdoor kitchens. there were two. so a little background: the dreamcatcher is located in an exclusive, gated community called. it’s super safe and super posh. the owners bought two adjacent lots with existing houses and remodeled them into one giant guest house. having two kitchens was perfect, because we never had to wait to use anything. plenty of space for everyone. we probably did more cooking than most of the other vacationers. luckily the kitchens were pescitarian, so we could take advantage of the super fresh seafood.

kitchen number 1 had three walls. not completely outside.
kitchen number 2, our kitchen. completely outdoors.

the second thing we loved about our outdoor kitchen, is that it’s where we met seth and michelle. they’re a couple from colorado, who we bonded with over a bottle of champagne, then spent the rest of the week exploring with. we were so thankful to meet them!

the dreamcatcher has a vegetarian chef who comes every morning and prepares beautiful three course breakfasts and let me tell you, we had the world’s most amazing pecan pie squares, i melt into a puddle of tears when i think about how good that was. i’ve tried to recreate it. and i’ve made some pretty delicious things in the process – but i haven’t gotten anywhere close to his cinnamon-y perfection. sigh.  also, we discovered strawberry juice. so summery. just blend strawberries and add as much agave as you need.

first course
pecan pie square of my dreams
beautiful dining room. obsessed with that door and with those marble table tops.
dining room decorations

every night, the dreamcatcher hosts yoga under the stars. in puerto rico, any time you do yoga it’s hot yoga. that was, without a doubt, the sweatiest i have ever been. but, it was fun. and the class was super small – just three of us, so the instructor was able to take time correcting my poses and giving tips.

hammocks everywhere
largest leaves ever + my new WEDDING RING!

whether you’re interested in a trip to pr or not, you should definitely check out the dreamcatcher guest house‘s website and instagram. they’re beautiful, whimsical and if you’re lucky, will help you feel like you’re on vacation for a few minutes.

if you are interested in a trip to pr (or just want to see what we did while we were there), we used our site as a sort of digital scrap book:

we’re planning another trip with one of our besties for december right now. where should we go? where did you go that you loved? most importantly, what did you eat there?!  ; )


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