our home reno

in the last few months, we’ve spent so many hours traveling back and forth between our row home in baltimore and the house we just bought near dc! every day off was spent doing parts of projects here and there: sanding, staining, painting. the hard part is over now that we’ve moved in, but we still have to finish some small details.

we moved in friday, and while i should be spending these free moments unpacking, i’d rather sit on the sofa, watch the mindy project and document our renovation journey. it’s been both challenging and fun, and it turns out this chef of mine is also quite the handyman! here’s the before and after (or, rather, after and before) in our new living room.


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stovetop smells

an answer to the age old question of how to make your home smell like you just baked some delicious treats without actually baking: stovetop simmering. i don’t like candles and the chef is adamantly against any type of artificial scents — a tough spot to be in when you have a 90 pound dog constantly threatening to make your house smell like, well, dog. here’s our solution…. all natural scents, made with whatever you have in your pantry. perfect!


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our one year mochiversary (+dog cake recipe)

okay, if you would have asked me a year ago if i would ever make a treat for a dog, the answer would be a big fat obvious no. but that was before we got our sweet mochi. now, i am totally that person. and unapologetically so. in fact, so unabashed in my dog treat making, i’m sharing the recipe for a cake we made for our dog.

august 15 marked one year since mochi joined the family. he deserved it.


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latest obsession: suite one studio

the chic ceramic designs coming from lindsay emery at suite one studio are blowing my mind right now. i came across her work on instagram and fell in love. the organic shape, the watercolor paint, the gold edging… each piece she creates is a work of art, just begging to be the center of the kitchen.


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baltimore’s best kept secret

“baltimore’s best kept secret.” that’s what an employee of the rawlings conservatory & botanical gardens told the chef and i about this place, and boy was he right. spoiler alert: this post has nothing to do with food and everything to do with awesome adventures in our new city.


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fourth of july rally in the alley!

what a fun fourth in our new city!

we spent it hanging out with our new friends, celebrating one of the chef’s few and far between days off from the hospital. we played a lot of slammo in the alley, and drank a lot of natty boh, because, well, now that we’re in baltimore, you just have to.


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chef marries girl

we did it! the chef and the girl are officially dr + mrs!

we’ve had a busy past few months. we graduated (the chef from medical school, the girl from graduate), we got married, we moved a few states over, and we went on an amazing food-filled honeymoon. we’re finally getting settled into our new home in our new city. we’re already in love with the farmer’s markets here in baltimore and can’t wait to eat at as many restaurants as possible!


Our “Plated” Review

ads for boxed meal deliveries have inundated us online — facebook and instagram are full of them. the pictures look beautiful, but i’ll admit we was more than a little skeptical; first, that the produce and meat delivered to us would look as good as they do on the websites (i mean, when have you ever seen a big mac that looks like the advertisements?) and second… that the meal would be good at all.

we looked into plated, blue apron and hello fresh. we didn’t want to make a massive investment into something we weren’t sure about — so we went with the one that was the cheapest off the bat. we paid just $24 for three meals for the both of us. we thought $24 was an amount of money we’d be happy to throw away if it turned out to be a bust, but thankfully it didn’t. overall, we were really happy, and if you like what you see and want to try it out: there’s a link at the end of this post you can click on to get the same deal.


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