Our “Plated” Review

ads for boxed meal deliveries have inundated us online — facebook and instagram are full of them. the pictures look beautiful, but i’ll admit we was more than a little skeptical; first, that the produce and meat delivered to us would look as good as they do on the websites (i mean, when have you ever seen a big mac that looks like the advertisements?) and second… that the meal would be good at all.

we looked into plated, blue apron and hello fresh. we didn’t want to make a massive investment into something we weren’t sure about — so we went with the one that was the cheapest off the bat. we paid just $24 for three meals for the both of us. we thought $24 was an amount of money we’d be happy to throw away if it turned out to be a bust, but thankfully it didn’t. overall, we were really happy, and if you like what you see and want to try it out: there’s a link at the end of this post you can click on to get the same deal.


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