i love snapping photos of our baltimore row home, even if the room is messy and there’s a basket of dog toys in the middle of the floor. i love this house — our first home together as a married couple — and i want to remember every inch of it. especially when the light is as great as it is today. for a shotgun row home, we certainly get a lot of natural light!



we’ve never seen so much snow

we’ve never seen so much snow. pretty big words coming from a girl who grew up in the mountains of appalachia and a chef who’s from colorado! this baltimore blizzard brought in nearly 30 inches of snow in less than 24 hours. it snowed so much, so quickly i could hardly see across the alley to our neighbor’s house. saturday night was so wild, the city made it illegal to drive, which meant the chef couldn’t come home from work and had to sleep in a patient room at the hospital! when the chef finally made it home from work sunday morning, we had to spend an hour digging out a place for him to park. it was treacherous… and a little funny. ; )


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so i guess we’re hikers now?

since we’ve moved to baltimore, our front yard is the sidewalk and our back yard is the size of a matchbox. it’s a big difference from the huge back yard mochi used to have for running and playing in west virginia. we go on lots of daily walks through our neighborhood, but trotting along on concrete just doesn’t have all those doggy stimulants mochi needs. plus, he tries to pee on everyone’s front steps. i mean everyone’s. no stoop left behind. so, we’ve gotten into hiking. it took a couple weeks to find it, but just a short walk from our new home, we’ve found the perfect trail for the dog — and it’s a workout for us, too.


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baltimore’s best kept secret

“baltimore’s best kept secret.” that’s what an employee of the rawlings conservatory & botanical gardens told the chef and i about this place, and boy was he right. spoiler alert: this post has nothing to do with food and everything to do with awesome adventures in our new city.


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