feeling very french: cherry + peach galette

when your husband, who now works 16 hour days, 7 days a week, sends you a text message that says, “maybe you could try to make one of these today?”, you do it. the chef’s favorite thing in the world to do is cook. so, when he’s asking me to cook for him i imagine it as some sort of proxy cooking adventure where he is living vicariously through my flour scooping, cherry pitting experience. how could i deprive him?

what he asked for, was a galette. i recently – minutes after his text – learned that a galette is a flat, round, crusty french pie. all i have to say is, ette tarte est sacrément bon. (full disclosure: i google translated that, no clue if it means what i think it means. i’m from west virginia, i don’t speak french!)


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