my current situation…

just a quick note to remind myself of our first kitchen as a married couple and how beautiful the light is in the afternoons. i could stare all day.



post-christmas wishlist

since we got engaged, we’ve had to do a lot of gift registering. we thought that would be the fun, easy part. who doesn’t want to pick out gifts for other people to buy them?! we were so wrong. it was super difficult, because we just don’t know where we’re going to live after the chef graduates from medical school. it could be houston, it could be new york city; it could be a four bedroom house with a lots of storage or a one bedroom apartment with no kitchen cabinets. anyway, here are a few of our favorite registry items, that we know we can use wherever we end up – and if you have some extra christmas cash to spend, we think this would be the perfect way to spend it.


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our culinary pilgrimage

you know how every time you watch HGTV, the couple looking for the house says they want hardwood floors, open concept and a “chef’s kitchen”? well those people are idiots. a chef’s kitchen is not granite countertops and huge islands with all stainless steel everything. chef’s kitchens are messy. they’re raw. they’re overflowing with knives and appliances and pots and pans. they kind of look like this.


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