roasted sweet potato soup

creamy, rich, savory. five ingredients (okay, plus s+p and evoo). super healthy, and totally paleo if you’re into that kind of thing. i’m totally not.

around here, it’s the absolute best way to repurpose leftovers after roasting a chicken. this roasted sweet potato soup is my new favorite lunch!


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spanish tapas, anyone?

i’ve always loved finger foods. tiny sandwiches at bridal showers, crab puffs at weddings, doritos on the couch. doritos are finger foods, right?! something about lots of small plates has always spoken to me,¬†and we’ve been enamored with creating grown-up small plate meals lately. korean banchan is a nakano house favorite, but lately we’ve been toying with spanish tapas.

you guys. this meal. it was epic.


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