big news, guys!

guys! overjoyed is an understatement! the chef and the girl are tying the knot!


so, we’ve been terrible at updating this thing the last couple months. we blame it on school. but guys, WE’RE ENGAGED! our excitement about planning a wedding to celebrate how much we love each other more than makes up for our lack of blog posts. we can’t wait to be mr. and mrs. nakano!

we couldn’t be more thrilled with the way life has turned out for us. we’re so very thankful that despite growing up 1,500 miles apart, we met by happenstance at a lousy bar in a college town. i’m beyond honored that God chose to let ME, a girl who didn’t even know mirepoix was a word two years ago, be this chef’s partner. i think he’d say something vaguely similar. ; )

we snapped some quick shots on the porch of my old place today. two years ago, just a few weeks after we met and a few days before i moved 16 hours away from him, the chef tried (unsuccessfully) to break up with me on that porch. the idea of moving that far away from a guy i’d only been dating for a few weeks was pretty terrifying. neither of us were sure it would work. but it did. so i came back. four days ago, we sat on that porch again – and he gave me a ring. it was the best moment.

i’m so thankful. we’re so thankful. and we can’t wait to dance with you at our wedding!






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he's a culinary institute of america grad in medical school. she's a journalist, who prior to their meeting, used the oven solely for storage.

3 thoughts on “big news, guys!”

  1. How lucky the chef is…you, too, I suppose. Seriously, Hanna (I can’t remember if there’s another h at the end, or not. I’m so sorry) and Steven. I wish you EVERY happiness.

    Your Big Papa Choo Choo

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