diy: pom pom fringe pillow

my family has a tradition. every new year’s day, you’re supposed to make a pillow case for someone you love. it’s a little good-luck charm that lets them know you love and are thinking about them! growing up, i accumulated a million pillowcases. okay, i guess really only one a year, but that’s still a lot of pillow cases. i’ve loved making one for steven every january 1st, but this year i have a new little sweetie to sew for! this pineapple pom pom pillow case makes the sweetest addition to the nursery that’s waiting for her.


the pom pom fringe seemed little bit tricky for a novice like myself and there weren’t a lot of instructions available online… so i thought i’d share my method in case you’d like to give it a try.

and don’t worry, this pillow will not be going in the crib (safety first!). likely, i’ll get more use from it in her rocking chair than she will.

you’ll need:
12×12″ pillow
12×12″ front material
12×18″ back material (cut in half to two 12×9″ pieces)
4′ pom pom trim (the wider the band, the easier to sew!)
*these measurements can be adjusted to fit different pillow sizes


before you cut your material to size, launder and iron it. this lets any potential shrinkage happen up front, so it wont shrink after you sew it together.

start with the front piece of material and sew your pom pom fringe around the perimeter, with the pom poms facing inward. before i fired up the sewing machine, i cut my pom fringe into four 12″ pieces to make the corners more structured. you can pin the pom fringe to the material if you need to.


now the two back material pieces. fold the 9-inch side back one inch, iron and hem the fold. do this with both pieces of material. pay careful attention to make sure you’re folding the material the correct way so the flap from your hemmed fold ends up on the back, which will be the inside of the pillowcase.

prepare to sew all the pieces together.


lay the two back pieces on top of your pom pom-ed front piece;the back two should overlap in the middle, like you see in the picture.

get the edges as flush as possible — and pinch together like a sandwich. again, use pins here if it’s helpful to you.


hit the sewing machine! depending on what kind of foot you have on your machine, you might want to sew from the inside of the machine, rather than the outside, which is more natural. the inside of the foot on my machine is smaller than the outside, and every millimeter counts.

ta-da! cute little pom pom pillow for our little! : )



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