starting solids

mila got the okay to start solids at her four month appointment. it’s been so fun making and feeding her food. i think she’s going to be a little foodie just like her dad! we always joke that her first words will be, “oui chef!” last night, while he was feeding m her new favorite (apple + banana), the light was so perfect and they were so sweet i had to stop and take a few pictures.

i’m a little torn at times between wanting to “live in the moment” and not always have my camera and phone out — and wanting to document every minute of her exciting little life. i’m not sure if i have the balance down yet, but i’m sure glad i have these images.


so far mila has tried:
butternut squash
apples + bananas



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he's a culinary institute of america grad in medical school. she's a journalist, who prior to their meeting, used the oven solely for storage.

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