i’m gonna have texas sheet cake for dinner

“i’m gonna have texas sheet cake for dinner.” that’s a text i got from my husband at hour 12 of his 16 hour ICU shift. i guess after a 16-hour shift, i’d want to eat cake for dinner, too. (actually, i had cake for breakfast, after not working at all — so really, who am i to judge?!)

texas sheet cake is my favorite chocolate cake. the chef has a lot of favorite cakes, but for me, this is really the only chocolate cake recipe that needs to exist. period. texas sheet cake forever, baby!


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cake cake cake

yikes! the chef turned 30 this weekend! i successfully pulled off a surprise party with his closest friends; that was the easy part. the hard part was baking the cake. it couldn’t be from a box. he’s a chef, for cryin’ out loud. so i rolled up my sleeves and found the best recipes on the internet (i’m still getting the hang of the kitchen, you guys. i can’t make up a cake recipe on my own). i wasn’t planning on sharing this — i took these pictures to send to his mom, who was just happy he didn’t have to make his own birthday cake this year — but all these recipes were really simple and super delicious, and ended up being totally share-worthy. especially the chocolate cake. if you try any of these, try that one. trust me!


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