garbage noodles

okay that’s a gross title, but that’s pretty much what this recipe is. garbage, because it’s just all the stuff that’s already in my fridge needing to be used (and probably yours too!), so no cooking involved. just putting a bunch of stuff in a bowl and — gasp! — using the microwave. so maybe this isn’t a recipe so much as a, “hey this is a really yummy lunch, you should have it, too.”

the key to this life-alteringly simple lunch is the sauce. it’s all in the sauce! also, is life-alteringly a word?


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snow day pasta

ten inches of snow with eight more on the way. the temperature when i woke up this morning was -18. i’ve had five — yes five — days off of work because of weather. at this point, our refrigerator is almost completely empty. the fact that we were able to forage enough to cook dinner was a miracle.


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