garbage noodles

okay that’s a gross title, but that’s pretty much what this recipe is. garbage, because it’s just all the stuff that’s already in my fridge needing to be used (and probably yours too!), so no cooking involved. just putting a bunch of stuff in a bowl and — gasp! — using the microwave. so maybe this isn’t a recipe so much as a, “hey this is a really yummy lunch, you should haveĀ it, too.”

the key to this life-alteringly simple lunch is the sauce. it’s all in the sauce! also, is life-alteringly a word?


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infused salts + a few kitchen gadgets

we’ve been seeing infused salts everywhere lately. we wanted to try them, but we didn’t want to pay the williams-sonoma / sur la table price. so, here ya go. a super easy way to make your own in whatever flavor you choose!


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