my very favorite room, like ever

your bedroom is supposed to be an oasis. at least that’s what they say.

our bedroom is most definitely my oasis. it’s my favorite room ever. love the windows, love the bed, love the super soft sheets. love the plants, love the stacks of books, love steven’s guitar in the corner. it’s messy and my friend bill would be appalled at how wrinkly the sheets are, and it totally needs a rug but let’s face it – most days you can’t see the floor because of all the dirty clothes. i’m super excited to move into our new home in dc and even more excited to start decorating it, but right now i’m taking a moment of semi-cleanliness to snap a few shots of this oasis we have in baltimore. we’re really gonna miss it here.



we bought this dreamcatcher on our honeymoon at the dreamcatcher inn in puerto rico. seeing it reminds me of yoga under the stars and hikes through coffee fields and so much mofungo.


stack of half-read books, one of my biggest flaws. the chef says i don’t like to finish things and i haven’t completely decided if he’s right ; )


scooped these plant holders from a junky junk store a few blocks from the house. they were black and rusty, so i painted them white, and now i love them! the plants they’re holding are always on the verge of death, though. i most certainly do not have a green thumb – but i really wish i did. practice does not make perfect in the relationship i have with plants. it just makes dead plants. whoops.


the jewelry holder is a piece i got from my best friend lauren’s store, fad vintage. the worst thing about moving away from west virginia is missing my friends – and all the weekend estate / garage / thrift / auction sales. the tall mirror was a $40 ikea find!


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he's a culinary institute of america grad in medical school. she's a journalist, who prior to their meeting, used the oven solely for storage.

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