the most impressive $4 you’ll spend

we love having friends over for dinner. selfishly, i love it because it forces me to clean the house (lol but really). for steven, it’s much more of an emotional thing. cooking is his love language. it’s how he tells people: you’re special to me. whether it’s an intimate pasta dinner for four, or a rowdy chicken and waffles brunch for twenty — being in the kitchen is his happy place and he loves sharing his food and heart with friends.

wow, that got sappy fast.

if you’re having friends for dinner and really want to impress them with your culinary prowess, this grilled octopus appetizer / salad / lunch dish is the way to go. just $4 at h mart, 1/2 a pound of baby octopus goes a long way when you add fresh baked bread grilled into toasts. and not to be all ina garten, but we also grew that thyme and parsley — and steven made the pottery it’s plated on.


the octopus couldn’t be more simple.

dump the babies into a ziplock and add the juice of two lemons plus a three second pour of high quality extra virgin olive oil. marinate in the fridge overnight. pull out and throw on the grill for a couple minutes. you’ll know they’re done when the color is right — pretty purple tentacles.

garnish with parsley and lemon for squeezing.

did i mention i’m in love with my husband?

he’s a chef.

he’s a doctor.

he’s a potter.

he’s a gardener.

he’s the best dad.

thanks, steven! we appreciate you so much!



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he's a culinary institute of america grad in medical school. she's a journalist, who prior to their meeting, used the oven solely for storage.

One thought on “the most impressive $4 you’ll spend”

  1. guess I left 24 hrs too late but our dinner and breakfast there was a real treat
    thank u for your hospitality

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