honeymoon part 4: the dreamcatcher guest house

when the chef told me he found the perfect place for us stay on our honeymoon, i imagined he meant a bottles of champagne, ocean front, infinity pool kind of place. i’ve never been so happy to be so wrong. undoubtedly the best part about our honeymoon in puerto rico was where we stayed. whether you do nothing else in pr, a trip here is worth it just to stay at the dreamcatcher guest house.


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honeymoon part 3: amazing views, even better coffee

one of the things the chef had to do when we were in puerto rico, was visit a coffee plantation. he searched high and low for a place that would let us come explore — and he found hacienda san pedro in jayuya. jayuya was about a three hour drive from where we were staying, up the most windy, mountainous roads of our lives. the chef and i are from colorado and west virginia, respectively, so that’s saying something. but the views from the top, they were worth a little car sickness ; )


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honeymoon part 2: whole fried fish and roasted pig skin

mmmmm typing that title made my mouth water. that’s not hyperbole. i want to go back in time and re-eat these meals. the chef and i love finding favorite restaurants in new cities. places we talk about going back to and tell our friends to try. menus we google and read even though we’re 900 miles away. here are two of those places.

i’ll start with lechonara los pinos.


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honeymoon part 1: exploring san juan

dear diary,


whoever is reading this: today marks three months since our wedding! so many things have changed in the last ninety days – new city, new jobs, new names. it’s like we’re completely new people. it’s kind of fun. if you ever feel in a rut, i’d suggest finding a life partner and moving to a city you’ve never been where you know no one. its pretty freeing. but that’s not the point of this. the point of this is to say somewhere in those ninety days, we also went on a fun-filled, food-filled honeymoon that we loved so much. we made so many memories that we want to save and be able to look back on, and share with people who might be interested (aka our moms + my aunt patty. hi aunt patty!). no recipes here, just utilizing our little chunk of the www as a digital scrapbook. ; ) we took a lot of pictures, so i’m breaking it down into a few posts, so this poor little blog doesn’t explode. first up, old san juan!

city wall

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our one year mochiversary (+dog cake recipe)

okay, if you would have asked me a year ago if i would ever make a treat for a dog, the answer would be a big fat obvious no. but that was before we got our sweet mochi. now, i am totally that person. and unapologetically so. in fact, so unabashed in my dog treat making, i’m sharing the recipe for a cake we made for our dog.

august 15 marked one year since mochi joined the family. he deserved it.


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pie style, jack!

you never know who you’ll run into on the avenue in hampden. i was grabbing coffee this morning, when i spotted rodney henry, the pie guy. he’s famous on food network for being a finalist on season nine of food network star, but he’s extra famous in baltimore for his restaurants, dangerously delicious pies.

he was a total gentleman when i said hi to him. i told him the chef was a huge fns fan – and he posed for a picture i could send him. seeing the pie guy reminds me, i need to go back to dangerously delicious and have another slice of their chicken tex mex. soooo good.


so i guess we’re hikers now?

since we’ve moved to baltimore, our front yard is the sidewalk and our back yard is the size of a matchbox. it’s a big difference from the huge back yard mochi used to have for running and playing in west virginia. we go on lots of daily walks through our neighborhood, but trotting along on concrete just doesn’t have all those doggy stimulants mochi needs. plus, he tries to pee on everyone’s front steps. i mean everyone’s. no stoop left behind. so, we’ve gotten into hiking. it took a couple weeks to find it, but just a short walk from our new home, we’ve found the perfect trail for the dog — and it’s a workout for us, too.


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latest obsession: suite one studio

the chic ceramic designs coming from lindsay emery at suite one studio are blowing my mind right now. i came across her work on instagram and fell in love. the organic shape, the watercolor paint, the gold edging… each piece she creates is a work of art, just begging to be the center of the kitchen.


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baltimore’s best kept secret

“baltimore’s best kept secret.” that’s what an employee of the rawlings conservatory & botanical gardens told the chef and i about this place, and boy was he right. spoiler alert: this post has nothing to do with food and everything to do with awesome adventures in our new city.


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fourth of july rally in the alley!

what a fun fourth in our new city!

we spent it hanging out with our new friends, celebrating one of the chef’s few and far between days off from the hospital. we played a lot of slammo in the alley, and drank a lot of natty boh, because, well, now that we’re in baltimore, you just have to.


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