when bibbed overalls make you cry

i love seeing mila in these overalls.

when i was 17-weeks pregnant at our anatomy scan, the doctor told us our baby was a girl (yay!) and also that she had markers for a fatal genetic disorder, trisomy 18. i had blood tests to confirm right away, but it took three agonizing days to hear the results. i’ve never cried or prayed so much. thankfully, the tests came back clear — but those three days were dark and full of dispaih. i wrote about my experience over on well rounded before mila was born, but wanted to wait and share until i had a happy, healthy baby in my arms. and here she is!

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last weekend, my favorite doctor/chef/husband/dad competed in the rei skillet battle and despite the total deluge, it was such a great time! he went head-to-head against nine other washingtonians, cooking an entire meal in a cast iron on a camp stove in 45 minutes. somehow, he pulled off the most delicious paella, full of maryland lump crab, clams and half smokes. oh yeah, and some natty boh.

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why my exclusively breast fed baby had to have formula

i just shared one of my toughest struggles as a mother over on well rounded, talking about how mila lost 14% body weight in her first 48 hours. finding out she had lost so much weight, especially as an EBF baby, was gut wrenching — i felt like i had been torturing her; starving my tiny baby, unknowingly. to read more about my story, and why i didn’t hesitate to formula feed my breast fed girl, head over to well rounded.

and mamas, please remember: fed is best. always.

starting solids

mila got the okay to start solids at her four month appointment. it’s been so fun making and feeding her food. i think she’s going to be a little foodie just like her dad! we always joke that her first words will be, “oui chef!” last night, while he was feeding m her new favorite (apple + banana), the light was so perfect and they were so sweet i had to stop and take a few pictures.

i’m a little torn at times between wanting to “live in the moment” and not always have my camera and phone out — and wanting to document every minute of her exciting little life. i’m not sure if i have the balance down yet, but i’m sure glad i have these images.


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help help help!

okay, seriously, after you push a nearly eight pound baby out of your body, you need help. like, lots of it. help changing diapers, help making dinner, help taking a shower! for the first two weeks after mila was born, i was a human milk machine and little else. i needed help with everything.

asking for help from my husband, in-laws and friends helped me recover from a traumatic delivery a little easier. on well rounded this week, i shared some tips about how to ask for help — and who might be the best to ask for it from.

bwi > gjt (or, mila’s first flight)

at two-and-a-half-months-old, our girl got her wings! i try to be a laid-back mama, but i have to admit i was pretty terrified about taking mila on her first flight to see her grandparents in grand junction, colorado. there were so many things that could have gone wrong. we could have been late (we almost were!), she could have cried the whole time (just a few minutes!), or even worse — a blow out at 35,000 feet (thank goodness that didn’t happen!).

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