happy valentine’s day!

here’s a cute way to impress your sweetheart this valentine’s day! we posted a quick how-to, along with pictures, for these apple rose tarts over on the baltimore chef shop‘s blog. make them with your kids or with your valentine for a super fun afternoon activity! and send me a picture after you’re finished! ; )

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apple tart

the beauty of a good dessert is that it also doubles as breakfast. at least it does in my house. and this apple tart is no exception. it’s desserty, but not too sweet. and so pretty, it would look beautiful sitting on the breakfast table on thanksgiving morning! a really great way to feed (and impress!) family members who are staying over for the holiday. the best part is, you can make it the day (or week) before and put it in the freezer, then bake when you’re ready to eat. how easy is that!


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cinnamon pecan pie bars

my love affair with cinnamon continues. i’ve been trying, since returning from our honeymoon, to recreate this pecan pie / pecan bar / slice of heaven made by the chef at the dreamcatcher guest house. this is as close as i’ve gotten so far — and it’s so good, i’m not sure i need to keep trying. it is so caramel-y, so cinnamon-y, and best of all, since the chef at the dreamcatcher served it to us as a breakfast desert, that means it’s completely acceptable to eat first thing in the morning. right? nevermind, don’t answer that.


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our one year mochiversary (+dog cake recipe)

okay, if you would have asked me a year ago if i would ever make a treat for a dog, the answer would be a big fat obvious no. but that was before we got our sweet mochi. now, i am totally that person. and unapologetically so. in fact, so unabashed in my dog treat making, i’m sharing the recipe for a cake we made for our dog.

august 15 marked one year since mochi joined the family. he deserved it.


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feeling very french: cherry + peach galette

when your husband, who now works 16 hour days, 7 days a week, sends you a text message that says, “maybe you could try to make one of these today?”, you do it. the chef’s favorite thing in the world to do is cook. so, when he’s asking me to cook for him i imagine it as some sort of proxy cooking adventure where he is living vicariously through my flour scooping, cherry pitting experience. how could i deprive him?

what he asked for, was a galette. i recently – minutes after his text – learned that a galette is a flat, round, crusty french pie. all i have to say is, ette tarte est sacrément bon. (full disclosure: i google translated that, no clue if it means what i think it means. i’m from west virginia, i don’t speak french!)


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