oh, kale yeah! (+ shallot vinaigrette)

i’m about to say something i don’t really want to say. its something i’ve spent years avoiding. and i’m more than a little embarrassed about it. here goes: i’m in love with kale.

it started with this salad we had at dinner with our friends peter and jenny. fast forward a month later and we’ve had kale salad every few nights since — always starring one key ingredient: shallot vinaigrette. if you’re looking for a way to improve your salad game, this is definitely it.

here’s our beyoncé approved kale + shallot vinaigrette salad (we didn’t ask, but we’re sure she’d like it).


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better-than-takeout crab rangoon

i’m not sure i’ve ever placed a chinese takeout order that didn’t include crab rangoon. i mean, obviously you have to get the sweet and sour chicken and maybe general tso and of course a few egg rolls, but first and foremost, you order crab rangoon. when i worked as a weekend news producer, i would often order only crab rangoon because it’s not messy and you can eat it while you work. all of this preface is to establish credibility for that fact that i am a crab rangoon connoisseur. and this is undoubtedly the best i’ve ever had.


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snack of the moment: roasted, crunchy chickpeas

chickpeas are one of our favorite foods — in salads, soups, as hummus, or falafel. the girl is also a major snacker; something she’s tried to curb lately, but when we found a new (crunchy!) use for these guys, she had to indulge. this is so simple a two year old could do it (but you should probably do the oven part).

these crunchy chickpeas are even settlers of catan approved.


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cinnamon chip cookies

guys. i have a major problem. what you’re about to see is likely the tenth batch of cinnamon chip cookies i’ve eaten this winter. not that i’m getting married in a strapless, sleeveless wedding dress in the next few months or anything… but how long do you have to spend on the elliptical to burn these babies off???



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