spanish tapas, anyone?

i’ve always loved finger foods. tiny sandwiches at bridal showers, crab puffs at weddings, doritos on the couch. doritos are finger foods, right?! something about lots of small plates has always spoken to me, and we’ve been enamored with creating grown-up small plate meals lately. korean banchan is a nakano house favorite, but lately we’ve been toying with spanish tapas.

you guys. this meal. it was epic.


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garbage noodles

okay that’s a gross title, but that’s pretty much what this recipe is. garbage, because it’s just all the stuff that’s already in my fridge needing to be used (and probably yours too!), so no cooking involved. just putting a bunch of stuff in a bowl and — gasp! — using the microwave. so maybe this isn’t a recipe so much as a, “hey this is a really yummy lunch, you should have it, too.”

the key to this life-alteringly simple lunch is the sauce. it’s all in the sauce! also, is life-alteringly a word?


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creamy beet salad

there’s this restaurant in the chef’s hometown, grand junction, co., that serves this delicious beet salad. that’s something i didn’t necessarily see myself typing — delicious beet salad. but it is. then the other day we went out in baltimore with our neighbor besties, peter + jenny, and had another delicious beet salad. and now its october and beets are in their prime season so i thought the next place a delicious beet salad should be, is in my kitchen. and now it is. see:


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oh, kale yeah! (+ shallot vinaigrette)

i’m about to say something i don’t really want to say. its something i’ve spent years avoiding. and i’m more than a little embarrassed about it. here goes: i’m in love with kale.

it started with this salad we had at dinner with our friends peter and jenny. fast forward a month later and we’ve had kale salad every few nights since — always starring one key ingredient: shallot vinaigrette. if you’re looking for a way to improve your salad game, this is definitely it.

here’s our beyoncé approved kale + shallot vinaigrette salad (we didn’t ask, but we’re sure she’d like it).


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